Different type of Hangers

The main reason of Hangers is the perfection and protection of clothes to maintain it neat and perfect. Hangers save space and allows you to quickly pick your favorite clothe from the cupboard. Let’s have a look into the different kinds of hangers available in the market which is detailed below:

  1. Wooden Hangers:

Wood is a popular material choice for clothing collection’s wardrobe hangers. Their certain advantage is their durability which makes them far less vulnerable to damage than plastic material and wire designs, and may also help tops and overcoats maintain their shape better than other clothing collection hangers can. They can offer a stylish and classic look to the cupboard. They simply enhance the clothing collections. These wood designed hangers are priced high than other material made hangers, and are significantly more expensive than basic plastic material and cable alternatives.

Wooden made suit hangers offer so many more options to protect outfits. Yet another function of outfit wardrobe hangers is the segments and cafes used for clinging or foldable pants. To add a unique personal touch to your wardrobe hangers, you can have your store logo printed into the wood.


  1. Padded Hangers:

Padded Hangers are useful in hanging sensitive garments. Unlike other garments, nightwears which are expensive are delicate and have fancy edges. This nightwear if hung on steel hangers may get damaged, which loses its entire appeal. Since it is costly, you can use a padded hanger to hang wardrobe with cushioning. Additionally, people who love style and latest styles in garments will surely appreciate spending these specific hangers.

  1. Velvet Hangers:

Velvet hanger keeps your dress wrinkle free. It is extremely thin and hang different clothing types because it has rotating connect that allows you to turn the cover into 360 levels. Some other wardrobe hangers are poor that you have to compromise the throat of your sweatshirts by extending or you need to unbutton your clothing before you can be able to keep it.


  1. Wire Hangers:

Wire wardrobe hangers have been getting slimmer and sluggish these days. They don’t spread the bodyweight uniformly which crushes the cloth in the mean time making it to tarnish.  These wire hangers that has tarnish material sometimes make a patch sleeve over the hook or some cleaning solutions use covered hangers


  1. Plastic Hangers:

Plastic wardrobe hangers are affordable and suitable for light apparels. You can find them with notched shoulder area that is appropriate for apparel with slim or wide-set neck straps. They are corrosion resistant. These suit hangers are not designed for heavy, wool apparel and will cause neck lumps due to their straight design. Only the lower bar can hold light and portable dresses.

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